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We are committed to provide sophisticated turn-key solutions to ambient air quality monitoring, by designing, manufacturing and selling state-of-the-art complete set of air quality monitoring systems, and dedicating our expertise to customers in the world. Now we are making every effort to become the most influential designer and manufacturer

In 2000, a Sino-US joint venture, Shenyang Dasibi-Dongyu was set up by Dasibi Environmental Corp. and Shenyang Dongyu Group in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China. From 2000 to 2004, Dasibi-Dongyu provided nearly 300 sets of 3rd generation Dasibi AQMS (1000 series) to users in several cities in China.

In September 2004, Dasibi-Dongyu moved to Beijing and set up a new company with other investors, Beijing Zhong Sheng Tai Ke. In 2006, we were proud to successfully launch the 4th generation Dasibi AQMS (4000 series). Now, hundreds of Dasibi 4000 series products are working in more than 200 cities in China.

Beijing Zhong Sheng Tai Ke is an ISO9001/14000 certified company. Dasibi 4000 series air quality monitoring systems includes Analysis module, Data Acquisition and Transmission Module, Calibration Module, Sampling Module and Software. The analysis module consists of Model 1208 Ozone analyzer, Model 2208 NOx/NH3 analyzer, Model 3208 CO analyzer, Model 4208 SO2 analyzer and Model 7201 PM10 Sampler. The Calibration Module consists of Model 5208 Multi-gas Calibrator and Model 5211 Zero Air Unit....

The headquarter of Beijing Zhong Sheng Tai Ke Environment Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located at:
Building # 2, Yuquanhuigu, 3, Minzhuang Road,
Haidian District,

Welcome to Beijing Zhong Sheng Tai Ke!

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